2013 Pilot Light Reserve Syrah


Reserve Syrah
Red Mountain
Artz Vineyard
14.3% Alc. by Vol.

Hopefully we all have our inner Pilot Light. That spark that drives us to do something different, something daring and risky that ultimately leads to something great. We will do everything we can to keep that Pilot Light burning. Once in a while we have to look to the Pilot Light when we are questioning what we are doing for reassurance and affirmation of the journey. 

For me, Pilot Light is a name reserved for wines that I am especially proud of, wines that exemplify the reason I make wine and want to share with my friends and neighbors, it’s what keeps me going, doing what I am doing. 

I am pleased to introduce you to the inaugural “Pilot Light” of my winemaking career. The 2013 Pilot Light is 100% Syrah from Artz Vineyard on Red Mountain. 

The color of this wine is deep dark and seductive and draws you in with soft scents of black olives, cloves and sweet cassis. Tastes of sun-ripened warm blackberries, with a hint of spice are balanced with soft tannins and a smooth rich finish.

From the moment we harvested these grapes I knew we were dealing with something special. Through a textbook fermentation to 24 months of barrel aging, this wine continues to impress.